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A Little Abstract

Abstract art is about form, pattern, line, texture, process and composition. There is no right or wrong way to create it and there is no right or wrong way to interpret it. It is what it is!

Why I enjoy creating abstract work is simply because it’s not about representing a piece of art that is recognisable as its true original state. Although, we all do look at the world differently and that is why art is so magical, we do have a universal visual langue to what we are looking at, like a dog is a dog and a house is a house. Whereas in abstract art there is a freedom to really let loose your imagination and explore what it is you are looking at. Move the eye in closer or look from a distance, or from a different angle or just focus on the continuity of the line. By allowing myself to break away from the universal language of what I’m actually looking at, I see more. I get to explore the true essence of what I’m seeing, which in return results in a more interesting piece of work.

Creating art is in its self a mindful process, but creating abstract art is an exploration of the soul and a journey guided by both our conscious and unconscious selves.

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