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I create oil paintings, thought provoking and figurative, often enriched with gold leaf and embroidery illustrating the unspoken words and worlds of early childhood, womanhood and motherhood.

Working in a reflective way delving into preverbal life, the moment in time we had before words, I examine the traumas, attachments made or not made, reflect on early life experiences and memories. I consider how our perceptions of this period can metamorphosize and shapeshift, how they create our identities, egos and superegos. I often include gestational life, pre birth time into my work, as this also contributes to the making of a person’s uniqueness.

​I have great interests in the preverbal iconic language, how we learn to understand our worlds through the creative arena of art, how iconic and linguistic language develop as parallels in early childhood. I find this subject matter truly enlightening and feel that there is so much more I can learn and discover through my journals and paintings. I continue to explore my own artistic origins, early memories and preverbal self and constantly seeking new ways to link this knowledge to my artwork. 

Journaling and sketchbook work is where I begin to formulate ideas, in these books I explore the conscious and subconscious self, working through internal emotions and feelings. Here I connect with my child and adult self, the girl and the woman, the daughter and the mother creating an arena where numerous manifestations of ideas and imagery come to life. These books are my playground they are what nourish my work and inspire me to paint. This is where I truly contemplate a painting before I paint it, a personal journey that removes cluttered imagery so that my finished piece is a considered one that is rich with narrative and connects the onlooker to their emotions. Integrity and meaning are important within my work and because I create autobiographical imagery, it is important that I have this process to emotionally untie myself from the finished painting. My ultimate triumph for each painting is to produce imagery that resonates with the onlooker, so they can see a part of themselves in the narrative and explore their feelings through the painting. 

​My journals are sometimes mindful and other times just pure brain splats onto the pages, but both ways help with formulating my thoughts and ideas. Sketching without an agenda, allowing myself to draw spontaneously, I suppose is like how I would have drawn as a child, with no preconceived ideas, just seeing where the drawing within the moment takes me. I do this a lot in my sketchbook work and I find the process liberating. Sometimes just me, a small sketchbook, a pencil and rubber, keeping things simple to let the flow of thinking articulate into ideas and imagery. I have other sketchbooks where I go into more thought and detail, but it is these simple little sketchbooks from where I get most my ideas for paintings from. 

Sketchbooks begin my story/narrative workings out, from this I continue the journey onto the painting process which then becomes an ebb and flow existence, an enchanted space filled with soul searching momentum every time I’m in it. When I paint, I’m mainly concerned with colour, texture, emotion, energy and aesthetics. By the time of a completed painting, I have thoroughly explored the whole concept of the entire painting from the very start to completion.

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