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All Stitched Up - A Short Progression Video

For this weeks blog I've created a little video, showing how I begin my paintings, how they develop and what goes in to the process. The video is a little rough as I'm just getting used to making them, but it's interesting to document my techniques which I'm happy to share.

This particular piece of work is part of a larger collection that I'm hoping to exhibit next year at some point, which I have written about in a previous blog, Still Here. This body of work is about memory and how our identities are tied up in what we remember, don't remember and what we know. Our subconscious parts of the mind that is not fully aware but influences our actions and feelings and our conscious selves which is our knowing selves, awake and perceiving. I'll discuss the "Memory All Stitched Up" collection of work further in another blog. For now, here is a brief insight into my world of art and my process of how I create my work, which show pieces of work from this hopeful future exhibition.

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