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Groundhog Day

With my chin heavily resting in my hand I'm seated at my computer desk gazing blankly through my front room window wondering what the hell to write in this weeks blog? Its not as if I have exhibitions or shows on the horizon to attend and write about. So I let my mind wonder a little more and watch as the amazon delivery guy knocks on the door across the road and leaves a parcel on their doorstep. The odd couple jog by on their daily exercise and some less exertive ones stroll by walking their dogs. I watch as I still can't find the words to write and think about how we are all going to come out of this pandemic lockdown. When we are finally set free and allowed to do as we please and go where we want, hug our loved ones and will no longer have to live in the confines of our own homes. Will we be like caged animals who have been set free and full of new anxieties about living in the outside world. I wonder more, what about all the lockdown babies beginning their lives living a new existence in a tiny bubble and all those who have lost loved ones. I daydream about a life without Covid and how different it would have been, but that's just too dismal to consider. I found myself being brought back to the here and now by a flock of birds flying together over the house roof tops and I'm envious.

Lately every day is like the one before, I have my little idiosyncrasies. For instance I do try to eat well, while working I put pieces of fruit beside me to eat as snacks. Yesterday I ate a whole packet of gingernut biscuits and left the fruit untouched. As though just having it there was going to do me good, today I am going to eat that fruit, but I know there is a packet of Oreos in the cupboard hidden away from the kids who have appetites with bottomless pits. My husband insists that he will now make the kitchen his office and will work in his PJ's every day, just because he can. Pots are scarce and usually found scattered round my teenage children's very untidy bedrooms and when I ask for the dishes to be washed there is a daily debate on who does the dishes the most and who did them yesterday. My laundry is a constant pile of unwashed denial and it just keeps on growing, which is surprising considering every member of my house hold wears mainly PJs most days. Where does it all come from? I decide to peel that clementine sitting there on my desk, it looks full of goodness. Today I'll break that habit and not eat the Oreos calling to me from their hiding place. The clementine tastes good as I know the vitamin C will do me good, not that I'm about to go off now and become one with my mind and body, what's next yoga work out or... maybe I'll eat one or two of those biscuits later while painting.

On the bright side, I have enjoyed the company of my kids they are good people and I am proud of them and how they have coped lately. I have my studio, albeit very cold, but I have one. So as I look out my window yet again and look up to the sky I realise all those grey clouds up there have their silver linings. So I'll take this time to enjoy what I do have and live in the here and now. Every day may be similar to the one before but that just helps me enjoy the quieter side of life and I become humbled by a simpler way of living.

I can't sign out without showing some visuals. So I have created a little video of a quick sketch I did the other week.

And a little montage of SaraBoyleArt textures and patterns.

See you Next week. Keep safe and be kind

Remember LIFE ...

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