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Handmade Bijou Child Portrait Cards


A busy week getting together new design ideas for bespoke child portrait greeting cards. There's a lot that go's in to this, it looks simple, but there is so much to bring together before the designs are complete. There is the quality of the materials to consider and where to best find the right suppliers, which can be a bit of a problem at the moment due to all the lock down measures everywhere. How to sell, where to sell and how to get the Bijou cards out there so prospective buyers know about them and about me? It's a crazy old business from start to finish and I'm learning all the time. The internet is great for the artist at times, but you can also get easily lost in its enormity. Not being able to get out and about to meet people in person is a knock back, as I've set this business up in a pandemic lock down, not the easiest of times to start a new business adventure! Although that said, I never have took the easy way to anywhere, so that's nothing new for me.

So here is a quickie insight into how I create these Bijou Cards. I begin with a photo and from this I draw the portrait. I'll create a likeness, not too detailed, but I'll also try to capture the moment of the child. Like here with these examples, which are photos taken of my children when little, many moons ago.

Lola and her drawing on herself exploration. Baby Meg sleeping peacefully. Meg being silly putting her shoes on, On a hot sunny day.

Once I'm satisfied with my sketches I'll transfer the image either onto fabric or straight into the card itself. This gives me my template to work off and allows me to scale down so it becomes a petite Bijou image that fits nicely onto the card. From here I'll use various decorative materials to bring the image to life, as shown below.

Now Bijou Child Portrait Cards are out in my Esty shop and the above cards are in my shop on this link and they have free delivery!

Have a happy weekend folks. Much Love x

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