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Happy New Year

And so just like that one year ends and a new year begins... I’ve been a bit slow in the get go with this blogpost, everyone is home all day every day and my energy levels are low. My husband and myself both working from home, three teenagers all home schooling and two energetic dogs. So, I am mainly found in my studio working on my larger pieces of art at the moment, which is where I’ll probably be throughout most of January and February, as I tend to hibernate during these colder months of the year. Although it isn’t much warmer in my studio but I wrap up warm and it is the season for stew, food for the soul! Warms me from the inside out, yum!

I still have some commission pieces I’m completing and I‘m still undecided with my card designs, not to keen on the quality of the images, so I’ll be working on these also.

I have created a video taking you through some of my earlier sketchbook work of child portraits. I like to sketch often as I find it keeps me focused helps with my attention span, as I can often flitter from one thing to another especially on larger mixed media pieces of work. So sketching keeps me disciplined, which is a much needed skill, as I have a tendency to let my mind wonder and my imagination to flow to freely. Which can be a good thing when kept an eye on, so I have lots of sketchbooks. Here is a video of an earlier one from a few years back. The piano music accompanying is my daughter Lola. A collection of audios from when she was younger. Back in the day when she loved to play music and the piano was a magical instrument, now her teenage years have other plans and she is less likely to sit and play. But every now and then she will return to those dusty old keys and fill the house with notes of childhood memories of long sunny playful days full of laughter and adventure. So here goes and I do hope you enjoy looking through the pages.

Stay warm, keep safe and be kind ❄️

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