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Long time coming!

Welcome to my blog. Finally I have somewhere to showcase and sell my work. Hope you like my website so far, there is lots to do here and you will find its still in the making. At present I'm setting up a new work space/studio although I am still managing to make and create lots of new pieces of work, albeit in a bit of a chaotic and messy space! I find I'm constantly looking for misplaced items and figuring out best places to put tools and organising what can go where, as I feel my way around my new creative environment. Need to get my jewellery bench and space set up, it eill all happen with time.... However its all good and here on my blog you can take this new journey with me step by step.

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Unknown member
Aug 24, 2020

Looks very artistic Sara the picture showing looks very impressive best of luck joycexx

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