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Soup of imagery to soothe the soul

A school diary page from my infancy years.

An imaginary world I'd often loose myself in and still do.

At the very core of my existence is imagery and art, I see the world through eyes that connect to a mind that is for ever searching and always open to interpretation. As far back as I can remember, creativity and my imagination were essential to my happiness and wellbeing. It became a key element in my development as a child and my aid to communicating when I could not find the words and it soothed my soul. As a young child I chose selective mutism and when I did speak, I had a stutter that would come and go. Lego, plasticine, books and drawing, especially drawing, became an obsession. I drew on walls which was not always appreciated, so tiny pictures became a thing, and I would draw behind furniture so that they could not be seen and was hidden. Only I knew they were there. When we moved to a new home, I left behind lots of little drawings on the walls all over that old flat, my secret was out! Memories untold with words but spoken elaborately with imagery that told a story about the little girl that used to live there. By the time I started infant school I became a little more sociable and began to break out of my shell and I grew to be an active, fidgety child and a little feral at times. Unfortunately, my mischievousness was misunderstood, and I was often found standing outside the classroom door, not participating in the lesson at all, while there I would doodle and draw to pass the time. This became a common occurrence throughout my schooling, and I must say this is where I strengthened my observational skills and started to develop flair and style. As I grew into a rebellious teenager art was such a huge part of my identity, it was an extension of who I was. Throughout my life I have lost my way and found it again so many times I have lost count… but one thing that always has remained constant, is my creativity and my imagination.

So, this is where I pick up from my previous blog “Still Here!” Pieces of work that are built up with many layers and have no real focus point for the eye to rest upon, a bit like my thinking process at times. Not one singular thought but many to tame and make sense of. Where my mind is very much like a jungle and in it are my memories sewn together like strands of time, that connect with each other, creating my history, that form my existence and my identity. My story.

The whale and me

A large painting, I am currently working on, it is part of a collection of other work which explores memory and identity. It's not completed and still has a long way to go before it is. However, I feel it’s interesting to see progression and not to hide these paintings away, even if they are in a state of incompletion.

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