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The Spirit of Woman, Mother and Child

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

My latest collection of work are mainly figurative paintings with mother and child narratives. The paintings seem to have threads of empowerment, strength and the spirit of women connecting them all.

Light Of The Moon is a framed oil painting on canvas board 125cm x 40cm and it is now finished. A heavily pregnant woman looking far off into the distance, she is lit by the light of the moon and the painting has a calm reflective feel about it. Using a pallet knife in places to heavily apply paint, in shades of muted greys and blues gives a sculptural quality to the image. The only colour there is decorates her swollen belly, this represents life and new beginnings. I was also going to add some embroidery detail, however this piece is complete. An important lesson as an artist I learned along the way, is to know when to stop. I'm hard pushed to sell this painting as I really have an infinity with it.

Reflective is a large oil painting on a canvas board 117cm x 87cm and is finished. This is a bold, brightly painted portrait of a breast feeding contented mother and baby. Again the paint is applied heavily with a pallet knife in places which gives a sculptural feel to the figures and makes them look immortalised in this moment of nourishment. A strong beautiful thought provoking image. NOW SOLD

Blue Woman is a large oil painting on a canvas board 125cm x 53cm needs to be framed. Depicting a woman in her prime full of youth, beauty and confidence. A painting symbolising a woman about to embark on her journey, stepping out cautious but inquisitive to see what her future will hold. Vulnerable but formidable, powerful but delicate. Not sure if this is an actual finished piece?

Mirrors of Beauty both oil paintings are 120cm x 80cm and are a celebration of the love and bonds between a daughter and her mother, a powerful connection that exist between two females, experiences of a life lived and then passed down to her daughter. In this brightly coloured painting with bold patterns, I’ve sought to portray the empowerment, enrichment of the female ancestry, generations of mothers, grandmothers, sisters and aunts that is passed on from generation to the next. The young female rests her head on her mother’s shoulder, she is held safely and securely while her mother walks into the future with hindsight and knowledge, which in turn she passes on to her daughter. The two paintings mirror one another as both mothers walk on into the journey of motherhood and celebrate the solidarity and unity of woman as life sustaining beings. These two paintings are still not completed, they will be soon and then framed. Not for sale.

Bye for now I'm off to paint, much love and be happy

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