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Trying to pull everything together!

It’s been a busy kind of week, daughters back to school, son off to university soon, there is an air of 'some kind of normality' beginning to flourish around us all. Don't you think? I've not been in my makeshift studio this week as I've been busy putting together my website and looking into all the laborious aspects of starting up a creative business, which I can honestly say is a little mind boggling at times, however I'm getting through the sludge. It would be so much more appealing if I could just lock myself away and just keep creating art and become oblivious to the world out there. Be eternally in my happy place and loosing myself in this mystical, magical world of illusion. That cannot happen if I am to finally get anywhere, I have to master the art of self promotion and the world of finance, something us creatives are not so good at, well more importantly for me, this is an area I always come unstuck in and get weighed down in all that sludge and slurry.... as I do tend to over complicate. I also can do this over complicating thing with my art too. There are some pieces of work that I create, within the very beginning of the process it’s there I've captured the essence of something crucial and beautiful..... my heart says STOP this is a completed piece of work. However, this little niggle in my head says, but I could tweak here, tweak it there a little more and hey presto! .... I have over done it! and lost that initial brilliance. Over working it yep that is what I tend to do and over thinking it. So, I have tried to keep this week simple not over tasked myself and it has been a productive week. So, I think it is a "well done Sara" from me.

Here is a piece of work that I call Therapy. A piece I worked on throughout a year, picking it up and putting it back down, only periodically working on it. It is an over thinker kind of piece, within it I learned greatly about my direction and style. Therapy is about self-exploration and is an indulgence of creativity, it’s a bit of a brain splat and I love it! Its one I keep in my private collection and the original is not for sale, only limited addition prints are available. What do you think about this particular piece?

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Unknown member
Sep 04, 2020

Sara painting is wonderful, I have have a painting very similar colours but not as eye catching as your wonderful design , joycexx

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